The Adventure of being on Forged in Fire!

The interesting thing about this whole journey was that even though I didn't want to do the show/challenge original, I am so glad that I was pushed to do it. The friends that I made and the realization that I can stretch outside of my comfort zone were things that I learned.

I didn't realize how much I missed the focus and deliberate drive of my days in the service. When I retired from the Army I was glad for the downshift in the speed of my life. It wasn't until I was done with shooting the Forged in Fire episode that I realized how much I liked that singular focused intensity. I thrived in that environment of waking up and have a list of tasked to do before the day and the time of the challenge expired. Being push to succeed by the limits of the clock was something that I didn't realize I missed as much as I do.

Over all this experience was an incredible adventure, one where I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and made to perform high above the standards I had settled into.

Continue to push for excellence in all things!


Rhino sends