About Me


Rhino and Ravens Forge is a one man smithy that hand forges custom knives, unique pieces of iron art, simple iron utensils and implements for daily life. I am drawn to the practice of taking a discarded piece of iron and shaping it with heat and hammer into something useful and beautiful. I am ever learning the art of fire and steel.

I will update the catalog monthly with the basic items and continue to create the one off pieces for individuals who are drawn to the handmade.

If there are items that you don't see and yet want me to create for you, please contact me at nic@rnrforge.com and we can collaborate and create the thing that is uniquely yours.


The Why of Rhino and Ravens

I have always been drawn to both the rhinoceros and the raven and when considering the symbolism for my logo and the principles on which I wanted to base my business, I immediately knew that I had to incorporate both. So this is the why of it….
In the logo the Rhino and the Raven are opposing aspects of the same circle. (The ying/yang, light/dark, earth/sky, heavy/light, slow/agile, grounded/free.) This duality that both represent and reflect in each other.
It is this “opposite sides of the same coin” imagery that I wanted to use when I created the image that represents me and those within my circle. Thus the image of the ying/yang - Rhino/raven was born.
I am the Rhino – grounded, solid, loyal, somewhat shortsighted, aggressive, protective of my tribe, bound to the earth, a strong physical presence, powerful  and steady.
I see those around me who are part of my circle as the Ravens – free to come and go, flexible, courageous, able to see the big picture from high on the wing, wise and calm, able to take flight and soar beyond the boundaries of my perception, fast, agile, persistent, intelligent, foresighted, problem solvers. These are exactly the kind of people that I have around me and who directly contribute to my success and the success of this business.
When I look at the logo I see me, the Rhino, on the bottom of the circle, grounded – the individuals around me, which the Ravens - flying high in the sky, free to come and go, who bring to me and the business the support / opportunities / guidance / intelligence that I need to be successful.

Without them I would be lost, just wandering around the savanna trying to find my way.